Acne Injections

Anyone who has suffered from acne knows how emotionally debilitating it can be because acne is a serious confidence drainer. Exhausted with acne cream, lotion, and pill? You may be considering acne injections, often touted as the quickest way to make serious acne disappear. Our acne injections have proven to be a miracle cure to help shrink large and inflammatory acne.

Some blemishes are extra stubborn and do not respond to the medications doctor has prescribed. In this case, acne injection will be helpful. It is a quick procedure using micro-needle. It may not be completely painless but a little pinch when the needle is inserted directly into the specific acne. Our doctor may numb the area before getting started in certain cases to keep you comfortable during the procedure.

Within a few hours, your pimple will start to go down as our acne injection helps to reduce inflammation. Before setting off on your skin-care journey, you may schedule a free consultation with our doctor to discuss which treatment best suit your acne problem.