Diode Laser

If you are unhappy with shaving, tweezing, or waxing unwanted hair, laser hair removal is your best option.

Laser hair removal is one of the world’s most commonly done cosmetic treatments. It can be done for any part of the body without damaging the skin as it selectively target the hair only.

Understand Diode Laser

Diode Laser Hair Removal matches particular wavelengths of light and pulse duration to a designated area. Includes crystal freeze refrigeration contact cooling (+5oC) function to safeguard the surface of the skin, making the treatment a comfortable and pain-free experience for patients. Diode laser delivers high frequency, low fluence pulses that can be safely used on all skin types and colours.

Benefits of Diode Laser

A speedier process compared to other permanent hair removals. Small areas such as eyebrows or upper lips may take a minute, while larger areas could take about 10 minutes. It is safe to use on all skin colour types. In fact, it will not burn your skin/ darker your skin tone while targeting hair follicles.

Pre-Treatment Care

  • Avoid direct sun exposure for a minimum of 2 weeks
  • Shave off the hair in the areas to be treated before your visit to the clinic. It will make your session a lot more comfortable and time-saving.
  • Do not use electric shaving machines and epilators.
  • Be careful not to cut your skin

Post-Treatment Care

  • Do not bleach, wax, thread or pluck hair throughout the course of the treatment
  • Do not dye or apply chemical to treated areas 7-10 days prior to and after the treatment
  • Avoid direct sun exposure for a minimum of 2 weeks after the treatment