Injections (Mesolipo, v-lipo)

Mesolipo Fat Melting Injections

Support your weight loss and body shaping goals without resorting to potentially harmful pills or procedures. Fat melting injections is a body sculpting treatment that utilises a number of special compounds (vitamins, enzymes, and plant extracts) in order to kill fat cells and boost metabolic functioning. Help you to lose weight safely without the need of conventional diet and exercise methods.

Our fat melting injections consist of Mesolipo and V-lipo which are the less invasive procedure whereby it can be performed during your clinic visits or right after doctor’s consultation. Mesolipo significantly improves the appearance of moderate to severe fat below the chin (double chin). However, V-lipo is suitable for areas such as arms, upper and lower stomach, buttocks, thighs, and all the parts you want to remove body fat.

V-lipo and Mesolipo fat melting injections will help you to slowly dissolve and breaks the fatty deposits under your skin. The end result will take about 3 – 4 weeks where excess body fat is removed as well as rejuvenate and tighten the skin.

What Is The Recovery Like?

Fat melting injection is minimally invasive, there is usually no downtime. Many people are able
to return to their regular activities right away. Some people may experience slight swelling and
discomfort at the injection sites which will resolve after a while.

Fat melting injections is a safe procedure as compared to surgical fat reduction procedures.

Common Side Effects Are:

  • Mild bruising for a few days (in majority of the cases, there is no bruising at all)
  • Redness and minor irritation at the injection site for a few days, which will not disrupt your daily activities.

If you have an allergic reaction towards any injections, please inform the doctor during the consultation session and remember to keep yourself hydrated after the procedure.

Our fat melting injections have helped many to achieve weight loss goals, and positive results are typically apparent within weeks. It is a quick procedure and fat burning injections could promote fat loss in the body. However, successful weight loss works when you combine it with a healthy and active lifestyle.