Nail Lacquer

Fungal nail infections can be difficult to treat.

A fungal nail infection (onychomycosis) is the most common disease of the nails. It may afflict individuals of any age, but in older adults it is more prevalent.

Both fingernails and toenails are prone to infection, which generally appears to discolor and thicken the nail, as well as crumbling edges. It can cause pain and discomfort and can be a source of social concern.

Risk Factors of Fungal Infections:

  • Diminished blood circulation
  • Slow growing nails
  • A family history of fungal infection
  • Heavy perspiration
  • Humid or moist work environment
  • Wearing artificial nails
  • Wearing socks and shoes that prevent ventilation
  • Walking barefoot in damp public places
  • Previous injury or infection to the skin or nail
  • Diabetes, AIDS, circulation problems or a weakened immune system
  • Tight footwear with crowding of toes

How Does Nail Lacquer Works:

Usually creams and other topical medicines do not work against nail fungal infection. This is because nails are too hard for external applications to penetrate. However, in DC Clinic, we offer Nail Lacquer Treatment which can help to retreat your fungal infected nails.

This medicated nail lacquer has been proven to treat finger or toenail fungal infection. Fungal spores are targeted and reduced in the months following treatment and these spores can be completely removed from the nail surface in the majority of patients, allowing the nail to grow back normally and is effective in antifungal treatment.

We can also use Q-switched Nd: YAG laser to help in eliminating fungal infection on nails. It is a painless procedure that can accelerate nail condition and get rid of fungus much faster. The procedure takes 15 to 30 minutes per session. Repeated sessions may be required to achieve optimal results.