Photo-Dynamic Therapy (PDT)

Photo-Dynamic Therapy (PDT) For Acne

Photo-dynamic therapy (PDT) is also known as blue light therapy, a non-invasive therapy that uses light treatments along with an application of a photosensitizing molecule. PDT emits a specific wavelength of light (customised depending on individual skin conditions) to improve our skin with no pain and no downtime.

How Does Photo-Dynamic Therapy (PDT) Work?

Photo-dynamic therapy requires three components:

  • Photosensitizer (The use of this depends on individual skin condition)
  • Light source
  • Oxygen

Photosensitizers are topically applied solutions that cause certain types of cells to produce light-absorbing molecules. This light treatment is able to target the abnormal cells that are contributing to the acne.

During the photo-dynamic therapy, a medical light source is focused on the skin to activate it. Our doctor will combine the use of photosensitizer and the presence of oxygen that helps to reduce the size of the oil-producing glands on the skin and destroy acne cells and bacteria.

The laser energy is applied to improve the appearance of the skin. Photo-dynamic therapy is a safe and effective acne treatment. It attempts to treat acne and leave you a prolonged skin clearing benefits for acne prone skin.