PK24 Female Rejuvenation

Women spend thousands on anti-aging and hydrating products on their face, however, it is not the only area that ages.

PK24 is the first and only clinically tested, anti-aging female rejuvenation cream formulated to hydrate internal female walls and create a “youthful” tightening effect. A worry-free product which benefits you without the risks, recovery and expenses of invasive surgery.

According to Clinical Trials report — 78% of women tested noticed the tightness of female and 45% with a renewed frequency of orgasm.

How PK24 Benefits?

  • Heightened intimacy and enhance arousal
  • Enhanced sexual confidence and experience
  • Convenient to use and non-irritating
  • Long-lasting effect that works swiftly
  • Affordable

How PK24 Work?

Unlike other Female Rejuvenation treatments, this cream is self-applied and will not be affected by your daily activities.

Step 1: Apply a dime-sized amount to your index finger.
Step 2: Insert and massage thoroughly to your female walls.
Step 3: It takes effect in a short time of about 10 minutes after application and can last up to 24 hours.

Use PK24 when you know or think you are going to be sexually active. Two applications over the course of a day help maintain sensation. For daily use, 1 bottle of PK24 should be able to last from 30 to 60 days.

There are no adverse side effects reported with cream used, but females impacted by female disorders should not use this as this cream does not use for medical or heal any diseases.

*The ingredients in PK24 are food safe. There’s even a hint of fruits flavoring that disappears after about 3 hours*