Shockwave Slimming Treatment

Fighting against excessive weight and cellulite always emphasizes on exercise and diet. In fact, professional slimming treatment is the perfect choice for fast and effective results. Shockwave slimming treatment is one of them. Initially, this Shockwave procedure was intended for physiotherapy treatments. However, after multiple Shockwave treatment, it was discovered that it helps in body contouring and also improves cellulite, thus paving the way for Shockwave as a non-invasive treatment option for weight loss.

What is Shockwave?

Shockwave will be applied to the tissue and stimulate fat cells to break down, stimulate collagen synthesis and increase lymphatic drainage. Cellular membrane permeability will increase while free fatty acids and glycerol will be released from the cells.

Shockwave improves tissue metabolism and enhances the transport of catabolic products to the liver for use in energy metabolism. Additional energy sources will be created inside the body as a result of fat cell activation.

Advantages of Shockwave Slimming Treatment:

  • Non-invasive procedure: you are able to resume daily activities and physical exercise right after the treatment.
  • Painless treatment as you will not experience pain or discomfort during the procedure.
  • The method is safe and without complications.
  • It can be performed during your clinic visits or right after doctor’s consultation.
  • Effective and excellent results: after 2 weeks, reduction of fat and the improvement of cellulite is visible.